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Will Syon House and gardens be open?

  • No, Syon House and Gardens close on Sunday 28th October.  You can come and visit us in the spring from Monday 11th March.  See the website for more details 

Are you open in December?

  • No, the Enchanted Woodland is only open for 3 weekends in November.  

Are dogs allowed?

  • We only allow assistance dogs on the route.
Is parking available?
  • There is limited parking available, we recommend using public transport where possible 

What are the dates for 2018?

  • From Friday 9th November to Sunday 25th November , Fridays Saturdays and Sundays
Will tickets be available to buy on the door?
  • To guarantee entry please buy your ticket in advance.  Some sessionss are sold out.  If the event is fully sold out there will be no tickets available to buy on the door.

My ticket is timed, what does this mean?

  • We have timed entry slots to help manage visitor flow.  Once on the route, you can stay as along as you like until the lights go out at 9.00pm.   Please ensure that you leave enough time to get to Syon so that you can arrive at your allotted time.

What time do you open?

  • There are 9 arrival times from 5.00pm until 7.40pm.  See ticketing website for more details.
Are my tickets valid on any night?
  • No, your ticket is only valid for the date and time shown on the ticket.  
  • We can exchange tickets if you contact us at least 48 hours prior to a performance, subject to availability and for a fee.   Contact KX Tickets for more information
Can I buy tickets on the door?
  • To guarantee entry please buy your tickets in advance.  When the event is fully sold out there will be no tickets available on the door.

What age is a child?

  • 3 - 15 years inclusive.  2 and under are free. but still require a ticket which can be booked online at no charge.

Will there be anything to eat or drink?

  • Yes, the Garden Kitchen Restaurant in the Garden Centre offers a range of hot and cold beverages, including mulled wine, hot chocolate, a BBQ and all their usual offerings.  Pleae note: The restaurant will be offering a limited service between 4.00pm and 5.00pm each evening while they set up for the Enchanted Woodland.   

Is it outside?

  • Yes, so wrap up warm, prepare for the weather, and wear comfortable shoes. 

Is it during the day?

  • No, the doors open for the first evening session at 5.00pm as darkness falls, when the lit trees can be seen in their full splendour.

What if the weather is bad?

  • Different weather brings different atmospheres.  We have had snow before!  We would only be forced to close for safety reasons. Check the homepage and twitter feed (@EnchantedSyon) for the latest information. Please remember that this is an outdoor walk through the woodlands, so do come dressed for the weather!

Are there any toilets?

  • Yes, we have toilets at the start and finish of The Enchanted Woodland, but not on the route.

How long is the route?

  • The route is about a mile long.
Do I need to bring a torch?
  • The route is lit throughout.  Some parts are very light, especially where there are setpiece displays.  Other parts are darker for contrast.  However, there is lighting along the whole route, and all stewards have powerful torches for use in emergency.  no naked flames of fireworks

How long does it take?

  • It depends how long your legs are and how fast you walk! Seriously, it can take 30 minutes at a fairly brisk pace but allow about an hour so you can stop to enjoy the views and lights.  
Is there a cloakroom to leave bags?
  • There isn't a cloakroom to leave bags and belongings at The Enchanted Woodland - you need to keep them with you at all times.  Remember it is all outside and involves walking.

Are there any flashing lights?

  • Yes, there are lasers, strobes and flashing lights.  Specific details in the "Lighting Information"  section on this page.  Any questions, please ask.

Can I take photographs?

  • Yes, we actively encourage photography. Email some of your best ones and we will try and put some on our gallery.  Have a look at Flickr for photos from previous years.  For professional or personal photoshoots please contact  
Photoshoots and filming
  • We would love to be able to accommodate photoshoots and filming at the Enchanted Woodland however it isn't practical with the number of visitors and the narrow paths.  We can offer special openings but for a fee.  For more information please email  Only those getting married at Syon Park can have their wedding photos here.  That is a general rule throughout the year.

Can I use a drone?

  • Drones are not permitted anywhere on Syon Park due to the close proximity to Heathrow Airport. 

Who is it suitable for?

  • It is suitable for everyone! Young and old, 1 to 100!  

How accessible is the route?

  • About two thirds of the route is tarmac and the rest is gravel.  Please bear in mind that it is winter and the changeable weather can affect the paths.  There are Syon gardeners and House staff on the route so please feel free to ask them any questions or if you need help.  Just look out for a hi-vis vest.  Most of them are friendly!

Is my 2 for 1 card valid?

  • There are a few 2 for 1 deals we have with external companies that are valid for general House opening during the season.  We are afraid they aren't valid for special events including The Enchanted Woodland.  Don't forget to use them when the House opens next March.
Will the offers that run during the summer be valid for the Enchanted Woodland? 
  • There are various offers with 3rd parties and local resident discounts that are valid during the summer for House and garden admission.  However, these aren't valid for special events including the Enchanted Woodland.  Check out our main website for more information
Can I bring a scooter or bicycle?
  • No, it is too busy and the paths are not suitable for scooters or bikes.  
Lost property
  • If you think you have lost something on the route then please email with a full description. 
How is the income from The Enchanted Woodland spent?
  • The main cost of staging The Enchanted Woodland is the set up of the lights.  We are rigorous about keeping other costs to a minimum, which is why we do so little advertising - the event sells itself through word of mouth!
  • All proceeds from The Enchanted Woodland are re-invested directly into the Gardens and Great Conservatory.  Over the last few years The Enchanted Woodland has paid for:
    • The specialist restoration of the historic stone vases on the terrace of The Great Conservatory.
    • Re-surfacing tarmac paths around the lake with a dressed gravel finish
    • Installation of a new path from Queen's Gate to Mercury Pool
    • Masonry work to the roof of the Waterlily House, the West Wing of The Great Conservatory, and replacement of high level coping stones
    • Restoration of the north west quadrant of Dome of the Great Conservatory
    • Restoration and re-glazing of the east pavilion of the Dome of the Great Conservatory
    • Restoration and re-glazing of the west pavilion of the Dome of the Great Conservatory
  • Over the winter of 2018-19, the next phase of the Great Conservatory roofworks will take place as work starts on the Cactus House.  This will involve removing all glass from the roof, and the specialist restoration of downpipes and historic metalwork.  Income from The Enchanted Woodland will continue to contribute towards the cost of these ongoing works.  If you'd like more information please get in touch.


Any other questions?

Email, phone or ask one of us on the night and we'll do our best to help.  If we've missed anything out, let us know and we'll put it on the website ASAP.


 For more information please contact KX Tickets


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