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The Enchanted Woodland is held in the grounds of Syon House, Brentford.

Parking is free of charge, but is limited, and our local neighbourhood is as busy as the rest of London!  We do therefore encourage our guests to travel by public transport where possible

The admission point is situated in the north-east corner of the Car Park - just look for the lights!

If you are travelling by car, please note that use of the TW8 8JF postcode is likely to bring you to the pedestrian entrance, depending on the SatNav and software used.  To be safe, we recommend that drivers use TW7 6AZ which will take you to the vehicular entrance on Park Road, Isleworth...just follow the drive and you'll be there!


If you are travelling on foot or by bicycle, the principal pedestrian entrance into Syon Park is just opposite Majestic Wines on the London Rd in Brentford.  If you're the sort of pedestrian or cyclist who uses a SatNav, then TW8 8JF takes you to the Car Park.  You can also enter through the main vehicle entrance from Park Road in Isleworth, but do note that it is a 10 minute (but very atmospheric)  walk up the drive. 

For public transport directions please visit and enter Syon House as destination.

Please note if you come to Syon Lane station you should follow the BROWN road signs.  These should take you the following route:

Leave the station, turn right, and walk a short distance south along Syon Lane. 

Fork left onto a secondary road (confusingly, still Syon Lane)

At the end of this road you will come to a T-junction.

Turn left, crossing the road where convenient.

You will pass the grand Robert Adam Lion Gate, the eighteenth century gateway to Syon House.

You will pass on your right a pedestrian gate into Syon Park.  Although this is normally locked at night, if it is still open you can walk along the path directly to the Car Park.  If not open, keep going for about 200m and you will find a short road leading to a big metal gate.  

Walk through the gate, along a path with brick walls on both sides, and you will come out by our Visitor Entrance.  Well done, you're here!

We appreciate that this sounds very complicated, but it is actually not much more than ten minutes walk.

Please note: There is twenty four hour access into Syon Park, but the Duchess' Gate (the small metal gate leading from London Road to the Car Park) is closed after dark, and we advise all pedestrians and cyclists to enter along the Brent Lea Alley, which turns off London Road just west of Majestic Wine Warehouse.

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